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- 2014

When graduating High School in Norway, there is a whole month of celebrations which include a large amount of traditions. One of them is a yearly revue at the local theatre which is purely created by the students who are graduating that year. There is usually thousands of people in the audience and the graduating students are called "Russ".

In 2014, my fellow students asked me if I could create the advertising posters for the Russ revue that year. I said yes right away as I was a part of it myself. The theme they had chosen for the show was based on the history of Norway, so they asked if i could manipulate a traditional Norwegian painting to make it look like a bunch of Russ were sitting in the boat. They also needed a vertical poster to be shown at screens at the local mall. For the shoot, they dressed in their red Russ pants, in traditional Norwegian clothing, as tourists and in typical ski-wear. All showing the theme of the full revue.

- 2014

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Russ 2014 (Norway)

Photography, Photo Editing

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