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- 2013

While studying Media & Communication in High School, we were assigned a task to design a logo for a fictional flower store named Blomsterpikene ("Flower Girls" in Norwegian). We also had to show how the logo could be used, and how their slogan could be placed with it.

I went with a modern design and font with a delicate pink/purple color, and instead of choosing a traditional flower, I chose to use an orchid branch hanging over the typography as the name is quite long.

Logo design, Branding

Blomsterpikene (Norway)




Project Details

Skjermbilde 2018-09-14 kl. 10.04.39.png
Skjermbilde 2018-09-14 kl. 10.05.25.png
Skjermbilde 2018-09-14 kl. 10.05.17.png
Skjermbilde 2018-09-14 kl. 10.06.43.png
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